We love God so we can love people into His Kingdom. We demonstrate this love by leading people to Christ, discipling the saved, and sending the discipled.

We lead people to Christ through our relationships and various outreach opportunities.

We help each other grow by gathering for worship and study of His word, and by serving others.

We send the Disciple into dark places, such as foreign mission fields, difficult financial situations, and our own society at large, so the Disciple may release His light into the darkness.


September Birthdays

Laurie Bales - 14th; Millie Giulio 14th; Steve Benth (Shooter) - 18th; Joyce Behlow - 20th; Betty Gaston - 23rd


October 2nd and October 6th Charlie and Gloria Daniels will Be ministering at our church. Please come a receive Elder wisdom.

October 6th after church we are having a soup potluck lunch directly after church. Come and join us.